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Georgie's Healing Birth Story

Updated: Feb 16

One of my incredible private clients, Georgie, shares her birth stories, and how she went from feeling traumatised after her first birth, to getting informed, trusting her body and having a powerful, healing experience with her second birth...

pregnant woman holding up t shirt to show beautiful baby bump
Georgie's beautiful bump, just a few hours before Dace arrived

''First of all the back story: 

With my first, Gigí, I had hoped for a natural unmedicated water birth in the birthing centre. My pregnancy was perfect, but she never showed up! 12-13 days late I was induced and uninformed.  I got given the pessary and was told it could be potentially days before it worked. Within 2 hours I was in active labour.

 The midwives and nurses left me to it as there was no room on the delivery ward. They must have thought - first time mum being dramatic. I would class myself as a tough cookie, but that pain the pessary gave was intense and I knew I was further along. 

I demanded to move to the ward after 8 hours, of just sitting having contractions. They checked me and I was about 6cm. I got gas and air, but my body was tired now after so many hours I stopped progressing. They gave me the drip + I opted for epidural. Ages later, I started pushing, on no sleep, no food, no water. I was all over the place and so was she. Emergency cord was pulled. 

I had an episiotomy, and pushed her out. All 9.3 of her. All was ok but I got a severe infection + my stitches reopened. This was more painful than the birth  for weeks. I was left TRAUMATISED and never thought I would have another baby. 

Fast forward. We got pregnant and I went straight to Kristina for 1:1 lessons, I was SO SCARED. I also had health anxiety + white coat syndrome since my previous birth.

Kristina was so insightful, she gave me amazing tools, knowledge and a realistic perspective. I listened to my Hypnobirthing tracks she provided every single night. I found them so comforting. I practiced my breathing daily too, which helped so much. Every step of the way I would ask her questions. I felt so much more informed.

In the end I was really messed about by the NHS. They thought my baby- Dace wasn’t growing (inaccurate measurements by different people). They were pushing for another induction. One doctor said to me- “you could lose your baby- by looking at the growth your placenta is failing”. He had just looked at my measurement chart from a tape measure. I pushed back and opted for extra monitoring.

 The whole thing was scary, but Kristina was in the background letting me know my options and rights etc. On day 7 past my due date I had a show and finally started contracting that night. 

I felt SO CALM! I was at home in my own environment on my birthing ball. I had my Hypnobirthing playing on my beats  and I was BREATHING. I was tracking my contractions and resting in-between. I told Danny to go to bed and I will wake him when it was time to leave. I called my mum and she came to hold the fort down. 

When it was time to leave we calmly left that summers morning! I was breathing through the surges, and remember seeing the sun rising that morning and thinking wow, soon I will meet my baby! 

I got to hospital and had to stay on the ward - due to my (non existent placenta issues ) but it was ok. I had the BEST midwife called Molly. She was young, and chilled and amazing! She knew her shit, she got me a ball and Danny asked if she could turn the monitoring screens due to my white coat syndrome- LOL. 

pregnant Georgie breathing through labour
Georgie breathing through her contractions

I wanted to be checked she said I was 4, but I felt so much more and just trusted my body. I was managing well for a bit, I still had my hypnobirthing on and was doing my breathing, but then BAM, it became pretty intense I was questioning myself, thinking how was I only 4 I need more pain relief if this is only 4! ( I remember saying to Danny after my hypnobirthing that I could go from 4-10 in such a short time and I knew my body was acting fast). 

pregnant georgie is using gas & air, birth partner Danny is smiling
Georgie & her husband Danny

Danny & his newborn son, Dace
Danny & baby Dace

Danny was so supportive and Molly. (In my head I was thinking transition!) I had pethidine and gas and air, Molly suggested I leaned over the bed, I felt the urge to bear down before it had kicked in and was loosing my breath slightly and shaking with adrenaline. Molly told me to take a breath an CALM my body as I was a bit panicked as it happened SO fast. Before I knew it I was pushing him out. 

There was meconium, so everything became a bit more intense. Molly said I would need to birth soon or potentially they would ‘have’ to intervene. I really went for it and he was here and out - and completely fine and perfect. I then birthed the placenta. All of this happened within roughly 1 hour of me being there! I stayed in for monitoring but Dace was fine. I felt so healed from my previous birth and proud that I did it and felt it all! ''

newborn baby Dace with parents Georgie & Danny
Georgie, Danny & baby Dace

Big sister Gigi cuddling baby Dace
Big sister Gigi & baby Dace

Georgie breastfeeding baby Dace & eating toast
Georgie & 'that' post birth toast

Newborn baby Dace with hand by his face wearing a hat
Newborn Baby Dace

I am so unbelievably proud of Georgie, especially to overcome all those fears, she did absolutely amazing, isn't the strength of women just incredible?

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I'd love to support you in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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