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'I just want to thank you so, so much, it's because of you that I had such an amazing and positive birth. Everyone has said what an amazing, calm and positive birth I had. Our midwife said it was so relaxed she could have napped. I felt so in control and so happy with how everything went. Thank you for everything xxx'

Vanessa & Michael - Private 1:1 Course

If you're in 2 minds about whether to book the course, honestly just do it! You will absolutely get something out of it; whether that be confidence in yourself and your plan, information about pregnancy and birth, or a network of wonderful people to help you during and after pregnancy. My husband and I were so impressed and we left feeling so much more prepared about what was to come. The course is very evidence based which we loved and breaks everything down into logical steps. We ended up having a c-section but we still used so much of the info, and it really helped us. I would 1000% recommend Kristina and her wonderful course to anyone. She is very kind and knowledgeable, and supports you all the way, even well after the course is over. Such a gem of a person who genuinely cares about you and clearly loves what she does. If I could give 10 stars, I would!!

Charlotte & Andy - Northampton Group Course

Joining Kristina’s hypno birthing course was definitely the best investment of my pregnancy. Labour had been a big fear of mine for a long time, but throughout the course I learnt so much and ended up feeling confident, calm and empowered about my birth. Although it didn’t go to ‘plan’ I definitely felt empowered to be able to make informed choices about my birth and Kristina was at the end of the phone whenever I needed her, advocating for me the whole time I was in hospital and for that we will be forever grateful as it made all the difference to us. Kristina has built a wonderful community of women who support each other and regularly meet up, it is also amazing that she will support you for as long as you need, a true gem!

Katie - Online Group Course

Such an amazing class which really prepares you for birth.

Kristina is bubbly and engaging, the setting is comfortable and the group sizes are small and personal.

Me and my partner were doing a general antenatal class at the same time (a completely separate company) and all I’ve heard is ‘I much prefer Kristina's class’ or ‘Kristina explained that so much better’.

She’s amazing so do not hesitate to book!

Charlotte & William - Northampton Group Course

A friend of mine recommended The Birth Base as I was looking for a hypnobirthing course that would suit me. My friend was very informed and knew her rights and I felt like Kristina would be the right person for me to learn from.
I did the four week course online as I am not local to Kristina and couldn’t attend her in-person course. I usually struggle with online education as I prefer face to face learning, however, I had no issues at all as Kristina has a great flow and kept me and my partner fully engaged (which is amazing considering he has ADHD)!! Before the start of her course I was nervous about child birth and didn’t really know anything about what to expect, however now I am so excited to birth my baby and I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering hypnobirthing!

Kristina is a huge support and definitely someone you want to have on hand and I look forward to staying in touch with her now that I have finished the course 💙 Thanks for everything 💙

Holly & Jay - Online Group Course

I honestly cannot thank Kristina enough for all the amazing support she has given me. I chose to have a private session close to my due date after doing a little research of hypnobirthing on my own but can honestly say doing this class was the best decision I had made. Kristina's support and positivity was just amazing and even after the course the support she gives you is
incredible. With all the knowledge Kristina shared with me, it then lead me to have the most amazing birth I could ever wish for and I couldn't have done it without your incredible lesson!
I can't recommend The Birth Base enough! Thank you again!

Meg - Private 1:1 Session

I cannot recommend Kristina and The Birth Base enough! Absolutely loved the 4 sessions we did in her gorgeous lounge. Kristina teaches in a way that's so easy to understand (even when we were tired after a long day). The sessions are interactive and informative and the small group was great fun. We've learnt so much without any feeling of overwhelm. Thank you Kristina!

Maisie & Sam - Northampton Group Course

Kristina's course completely changed our perspective of pregnancy and the birth process as well as post partum. We had rather a complicated birth and without the tools we learnt hear it would have been so much harder. As a birth partner this course enabled me to play an active role throughout the whole process and brought balance to our journey together. Dads, don't expect to be reading the newspaper during labour if you do this course, there is plenty to do! So glad we did this and would highly recommend

Joe & Charlene - Northampton Group Course

'Honestly, can't put into words how helpful this course has been, and of course all your support in-between too! Even Daniel said 'I'm ready now, that course was totally worth it & I'm so glad we've done that! I can't wait to support you through our next chapter'

Amanda & Daniel - Online Group Course

Wow what a wonderful experience we have had working with Kristina before our hypnobirthing course, during and afterwards too. I am so very grateful to have come across Kristina on Instagram, and her video content grabbed me straight away. Her style is fantastic, she talks so positively about birth online, shares helpful information and really makes you feel that birth can be such a beautiful experience for both you and your partner.
We booked an online hypnobirthing course with Kristina and we were not disappointed. Her online Teams classes were fun, informative and explained so clearly - any questions or uncertainties addressed in a way that did not make any of us once feel awkward or uncomfortable.
One of the things that stood out for me was how interactive the sessions were, and Kristina's bubbly nature worked hand in hand with the interactive nature of the course. Pregnancy and just the thought of birth alone terrified me in so many ways, but having Kristina there both in and out of sessions has been a real tonic. I feel it has prepared me and my husband for the birth of our little girl but also so empowered as I now know how amazing my body is and the choices as a woman I have- which is a wonderful feeling.
Plus (also a fave part) you become part of a wonderful community who meet up for coffee's and lunches with their babes! Again, this has been so helpful and nurturing for me as I have embarked on this new journey in my life.
Forever grateful,
Thank you- Sophie and Oli Tarry xx

Sophie & Olly - Online Group Course

I booked onto Kristina's Hypnobirthing course as, after a difficult start to my pregnancy, I wanted to try and make it a more positive experience. I didn’t really imagine my mindset would change very much as I had no idea what to expect, but omg I was so wrong!!! In our first session Kristina said “you guys have got me here for forever or until you tell me you no longer want me” and I can honestly say this is SO true! My daughter is now nearly 8 weeks old and Kristina has been here for me my whole journey, she’s one of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever come across and nothing is ever too much hassle. She taught me some of the most invaluable things during the course and whole pregnancy, that my birthing experience would never have been as positive as it was, despite everything I had going on. I don’t see kristina as just my hypnobirthing coach, she is a true friend and an incredible role model to myself and my daughter. I really couldn’t recommend Kristina enough she has helped shape me into the mum I am today and helped me give my daughter the best start to life possible! I will forever be in debt to kristina as no amount of money could pay for the impact she has had and continues to have on mine and my daughters lives 💗 I can’t thank her enough, one of the best decision I ever made!! X

Chloe - Northampton Group Course

‘I honestly cannot thank you enough for all the amazing start you helped to give our little family. Essentially your training allowed us to have the birth we dreamed of. Yesterday morning I thought it was all out of our hands but knowing and understanding our options made a HUGE difference to the final birth. Having my husband understand and advocate when I couldn’t was just the most amazing support. All thanks to your incredible course x’

Amy & Ed - Private 1:1 Full Course

I felt petrified about giving birth - it was literally a massive fear of mine! In trying to ease my panic, I came across Kristina’s page on Instagram which offered tons of advice in a friendly and empowering way! At this point, I knew nothing about hypnobirthing. I reached out to her and instantly, she calmed me and made me feel at ease. She also offered a plethora of very useful information!

I was instantly drawn to taking her online course with my partner. Her course and constant/on-going support transformed my outlook on labour completely.

Fast forward, thanks to Kristina, my worst fear became the most beautiful experience of my life. Even though I ended up having an emergency C-section, I was equipped to feel in control, calm and more importantly, happy with my decisions and the sudden change in circumstances. Kristina continues to be an incredible support during my journey and I’ll forever be grateful to her!

I highly recommend taking her course and getting in touch with her! The birthing world is a better place thanks to her :)

Nora & Ade - Online Group Course

Becoming a parent for the first time is extremely daunting, but thanks to Kristina and her hynobirthing course, leading up to our sons birth was a lot calmer. There was so much I didn’t know about my birth rights and after completing the course, I was able to have the birth I wanted without any stress. The support she has provided to us even after baby arrived has been invaluable. The course takes place in such a beautiful home and it’s super intimate which made it much more comfortable when asking questions. It felt more like friends meeting up rather than an actual course! Fully recommend it!

Georgie & Ben - Northampton Group Course

We cannot thank Kristina enough for her guidance, support & knowledge after just completing a four week hypnobirthing course. Both myself & my partner really enjoyed the course (face to face) we learnt so so much and it’s made us more excited and feel ready for birth now. We had lots of fun too & the setting was just so lovely & homely. Thank you so much again, we would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of doing a hypnobirthing course

Becky & Glenn - Northampton Group Course

Kristina is amazing. She's helped completely transform my approach to giving birth for the first time, I'm not anxious or worried - I am excited and empowered! Brilliant course!

Steph - Online Group Course

My husband and I did the virtual course in October with Kristina and I can honestly say how vital I think it is for every pregnant woman and her partner to consider hypnobirthing in preparation for birth.
Kristina’s positivity is so infectious - she is highly knowledgeable and informative as well as being so kind and approachable with any circumstance. Her classes are packed full of information and useful resources (i.e. hypnobirthing mp3’s, video links, variety of positive birth stories etc) in which you can always look back on.
The classes help to ensure you know what to prepare for before, during and after birth. It encourages both you and your partner to have a different outlook on what to expect (or not expect) during your pregnancy and gives you a sense of calm and a positive mind set as you go through your journey.
I’m looking forward to taking all of this on board and embracing all of what we learnt into our final stages.

I can’t recommend The Birth Base enough :)

Sabrina & Michele - Online Group Course

I completed with my husband Kristina's online hypnobirthing course in October. I knew that I was going to struggle to mentally get myself ready for the birth and I had heard great things about hypnobirthing so I found The Birth Base through Instagram.

Kristina is so friendly, welcoming and no question is too much for her! She was able to change my mindset about the birth of my daughter and give my husband the tools in which to support me during the process. My daughter's birth wasn't easy but using the techniques that Kristina taught us allowed us to make informed decisions about the labour and next steps.

My daughter is now two weeks old and Kristina has still kept in touch, made sure that we are doing well and is there if I need her which is such a great thing to have in the early days. She will be your biggest cheerleader and I cannot recommend her course enough!

Jenn & Alex - Online Group Course

'You are amazing! I'm so grateful for everything you've done for us, I feel so in control and it's down to your courses...You are definitely in the right job for you, giving people this inner confidence is a real skill...especially when most are first timers and have not a CLUE about birth and their rights etc. I am gutted I never did this first time round, but I'm in the know now and that's all that matters!'

Ellie - Northampton Group Course

Cannot recommend a hypnobirthing course with Kristina highly enough! Myself and my husband enjoyed every class and got so much information and reassurance out of it. We had no idea how little we knew until these classes! We came out of them feeling prepared and considerably less nervous for the birth and Kristina continues to be a fantastic support. The resources we now have access to and the notes we have made we will continue to review in the run up to the birth and can’t wait to see how things go now rather than having a feeling of dread. Thank you so much Kristina!!

Emily & Fraser - Online Group Course

I can not recommend this lady enough. Not only do her courses fill you with so much more knowledge and control she is a fantastic support! 
She doesn't just teach you a course and leave you to it, she sends useful information, always on hand for any advise you need and is just overall a beautiful human being!

Ellie B - Northampton Group Course

I completed Kristina’s hypnobirthing course back in January and the one word I would use to describe it is ‘invaluable’. By far the best thing I did to prepare for the arrival of my baby girl.

Being a first time mum, I held a lot of anxiety around many elements of birth and parenthood. However, the tools, skills, techniques, education and rights that you are equipped with throughout the course helped calm my anxieties and turned my anxiety into empowered excitement ! In addition to the practical knowledge around pregnancy, birth and parenthood, the support that you get from Kristina is the most valuable in my opinion.

I had multiple moments where I unexpectedly ended up in hospital and Kristina was always at the other end of the phone coaching on breathing techniques, telling me my rights and reminding me of my inner strength. This level of support remained through early labour, and into the personal struggles of post partum life that I experienced. Once again, Kristina sent me details of local support groups to me, sent me informative articles, suggested items to buy that could help me and checked in on me on a regular basis.

In my opinion, the practical knowledge gained through Kristina’s engaging sessions are brilliant; however it is the personal, above and beyond service and friendship that you receive from her that makes this course 100% worth it! I can’t thank Kristina enough for everything she has done for us and continues to do; you really are a phenomenal hypnobirthing coach, and now friend ❤️

Amanda - Online Group Course

Can’t recommend The Birth Base enough. The course equipped me and my husband with hypnobirthing techniques and knowledge of birth to enable us to feel prepared and excited for the birth of our son. I was able to use everything I learnt on the course to remain calm and empowered during labour. My husband was able to learn how to fully support me throughout. The sessions are enjoyable and informative. The course also came with lots of extra resources. Kristina is lovely, approachable and has offered support throughout and after pregnancy

Kristy & David - Private 1:1 Course

Kristina has been wonderful to learn from. Her constant support and great communication throughout my pregnancy has been truly reassuring. As a result of taking her course, I am actually looking forward to my labour, something I never thought I'd say! 😊

Radiana & CJ - Online Group Course

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