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Bryony's Positive Birth Story

Bryony, one of my amazing clients, tells us about the birth of her son, Barclay. This positive birth story is INCREDIBLE. Bryony & Barry, her birth partner, were able to draw upon so many hypnobirthing techniques they learnt on my online group hypnobirthing course, and use the trusty comb I included in their goody bag! Be sure to bookmark this one for some positive birth Inspo...

''Sunday 20th March and I was "5 days overdue", I had declined a sweep from my midwife on my due date and she had booked me in for an induction if I reached 12days over.

I knew from Early on what kind of birth I would like and that was to use a birthing pool in a MLU and I didn't want an epidural or c-section (obviously If my baby or I were at risk then I would).

We were meant to be going to my parents for a roast on the Sunday evening. I was making sticky toffee pudding in the morning to take round. I hadn't felt any twinges or anything and was still going out for my daily walks as I had all through pregnancy.

Barry came in for lunch and I said that I thought my waters may have broke as I felt like I was peeing myself, I still was feeling fine and wasn't feeling any cramps at this point.

I nipped to the shop to get some cream for the sticky toffee pudding and it was in the car I started feeling cramp in my stomach. When I got home I said to Barry I wanted to go a walk as if my waters had broken then I wanted this baby to make an appearance sooner rather than later! We did a little loop; about a mile and about halfway round my leggings were soaking! I knew that this was it! I phoned mum to say we wouldn't be for tea and I think she was slightly panicking for me when I said I was out for a walk and also that I hadn't called the MLU to let them know my situation :D. Looking back I was just very laid back about it all but I didn't want to get myself stressed or worked up about it.

When we got home Barry ran me a bath and I got in (after being sick and having diahorrea)! He brought me some snacks, drinks and the fine tooth comb we got in our hypnobirthing packs! I lay there and started doing my hypnobirthing breathing exercises. I called the MLU to let them know what was happening (3pm). They advised me to carry on what I was doing and to call back when I was getting 3 contractions in a 10min period, each lasting 40-60secs.

I carried on being sick etc in between my breathing and things started to ramp up fairly quick. I called the MLU back at 16.15pm as my contractions were now lasting about 60secs and coming every 2 mins! The midwife told me to head in. We arrived at the MLU at 5pm and I agreed for the midwife to assess me, to my amazement I was 5cm dilated so they went and got the delivery room ready.

I headed through, the midwife told me that the birthing pools were out of action as they were waiting to have testing done on them ( I was prepared for this scenario as had been calling up the MLU every couple of weeks to see whether they were in order yet or not).

I remember the room being so calming with the dimmed lighting and fairy lights but it was so warm so I asked for a cold cloth on my neck which was nice and refreshing. I decided I was going to be comfiest kneeling down on the floor and leaning over the bed.

I remember being so focused on my breathing and squeezing the comb and Barrys hand. I asked to try gas and air, took a couple of breaths with it but felt it made no odds whatsoever so breathing was the only way through it! I kept saying once a contraction went that I was one step closer to meeting our baby and I'd never have to have that contraction again!

I remember in the course speaking about the farm yard noises and "mooing" that can happen when the contractions get more intense and I think this was certainly me! I remember getting so loud like I couldn't control what was happening to me; yet I knew that my body and baby knew exactly what they were doing! Around 6.45pm a midwife said babies head was crowning which was music to my ears as I knew there mustn't be many Contrations left. One of the midwives came up to me and said to try panting (like slow short breaths) so that I wasn't trying to "push" the head out but rather "breathe" it out. I shouted back at her "what does panting mean?" . Barry was good at reminding me to "pant" when the contractions came!

19:12 - our beautiful Barclay was born! The first thing I remember a midwife say is "baby has done their first poo" Barry leaned into me and told me we had a little boy. The midwife took our baby and put him back under my legs and I remember just being completely overwhelmed at holding this bundle that we created and was ours!

They got me to lie up on the bed and we had our first moments as a family of 3 enjoying skin to skin and getting our boy to feed from me for the first time was one of the best feelings in the world, it's something I've always wanted to do is become a mum and breastfeed my child.

After some time had passed Barry cut the cord and they told me i'd have an hour to birth the placenta naturally as I'd written in my notes that this was my preference. If I hadn't birthed it within the hour they would need to give me an injection of the synthetic hormone to get things moving. After 45mins or so they got me through to the bathroom and told me to push nothing happened. So I went back through and lay on the bed and said they'd go and get the injection with the synthetic hormone organised for me to speed the process up. I said to Barry how annoying it would be if I needed to have that injection after managing to birth completely naturally!

The midwives appeared back and I said I wanted to try birth the placenta once more before they gave me the injection. So I pushed a couple of times,and out it came! I was delighted!

Doing the hypnobirthing course was definitely one of the most worthwhile and informative things we did. We both learnt so much and knew what our rights were, not only that but we felt like we weren't in the dark when it came to labour, Barry even said that he knew the different stages and things to look out for! We can't thank you enough Kristina!''

Do you want to feel calm, confident & informed like these two?

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