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What is Hypnobirthing?!

Sounds a bit hippy dippy doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s just a rubbish name! Hypnobirthing is not ‘just’ about breathing your baby out and I’m definitely not able to hypnotise you – don’t worry you won’t be made to cluck like a chicken in my classes! 

Instead, hypnobirthing explains why you were literally MADE to do this, and how birth can be an incredibly empowering and amazing experience once you know your stuff! 

Hypnobirthing is in fact a full antenatal course jam packed with scientific information.

Its for all births and all people. Not just the home births, or just the unmedicated births – I will show you how you can use hypnobirthing to your advantage in any situation and will support you to achieve a positive birth. 

It helps you prepare emotionally and physically for the birth of your baby, and enables you to feel empowered, strong and without fear.

On my course you will learn the biology behind birth (the science, the birthing process, the hormones), your birth rights (so you can make informed decisions that are right for your family), all of your options (such as your environment, birthing positions), learn how to create a birth plan and how to prepare for all scenarios. You will also learn how to apply to the power of positive thinking, positive visualisations and utilise breathing techniques to keep you focused, calm and in control. 

It's really about changing your mindset about birth – so moving away from fear and what can ‘go wrong’, and focusing on how you achieve a positive birth, whatever that might look like for you.  

It also prepares your birth partner how to advocate and confidently support you with your birth. This is key because your birth partner has a big role to play & can make a massive difference to your birthing experience. 

Hypnobirthing also teaches you how to relax, in the 21st century we’re typically not very good at relaxing and switching off, so with practice, hypnobirthing teaches you very simply how to switch off on cue, and use this to your advantage in pregnancy and birth. It really is a game changer and can be used throughout life, it’s particularly useful in the fourth trimester which we also cover in our sessions! 

Ultimately hypnobirthing gives you all the knowledge, tools, and power to birth however you damn well want. It’s your body, your baby, your choice. 

When you undertake a full or group Hypnobirthing course with The Birth Base, you'll receive free BONUS access to The Birth Uprising's Digital Hypnobirthing Pack (worth £45)!  

The Birth Base Hypnobirthing Course

Jam packed, fun & interactive live antenatal course for all births and all people!



📚 Full birth preparation 

🤰🏼 Physiology of childbirth (stages of labour & how to handle them)

😃 Building a positive mindset

✈️ How to calm your nervous system to avoid fight or flight & aid birth 

❤️ Understand your hormones & use them to your advantage

👌 How to prepare your birth partner to confidently advocate for you

💪🏾 Your birth rights & how to navigate the NHS maternity system 

🙌🏻 How to create an epic birth plan (including one for c-sections)

👏🏻 Practically prepare your body for labour & birth positions

💉 Understanding induction & how to have a positive experience

🕵️ How to understand 'risk' & make informed decisions

🍼 Postnatal planning & what to expect from the Fourth Trimester


5 Calming hypnobirthing MP3s

Large online library of downloadable resources

Kristina’s continued support for birth & beyond

Access to private course WhatsApp group & The Birth Base Facebook support group

Goody pack

BONUS access to The Birth Uprising's Hypnobirthing Digital Pack at your leisure - a great way to refresh your memory on topics covered throughout Kristina's course, and a great way to catch up if you ever miss a session!  

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