Online Classes

Convenient, fun & interactive Online Hypnobirthing from the comfort of your own home
(Pyjamas & puppy's encouraged! Check out our photo below... I am definitely a dog person)

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Online Group Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course with Kristina


Tuesdays - 7.00pm - 9.00pm

4 x 2 hourly sessions via Microsoft Teams

July Online


August Online

9th,16th, 23rd, 30th


Please note there will be no September group course.

October/November Online

18th October, 25th October, 1st November, 8th November

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Why choose Online?

Sabrina says... 'Doing the hypnobirthing course online was so perfectly chilled. Learning all you need to know in comfort of your own home, and even better kicking back in your sweats/loungewear - with a cuppa and with no one to judge (other than your partner 😉) Time was of the essence with us as we weren’t local so not having travel was one less stress.

It’s very comforting to have the continued support and reassurance even post baby. Questions and concerns are always answered as Kristina checks in and leaves her phone open if and whenever needed 🧡'

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Enjoy Ongoing Community Support

Sabrina says 'The WhatsApp group Kristina has set up is a great way to touch base with the other mummies that took the same course as you. As a new mum with my first baby it's lovely to have someone checking in on you, always offering a help in hand and giving out great tips and advice'


Online Group Hypnobirthing Course includes...


Jam packed, fun & interactive live antenatal course for all births and all people with loads of added extras!


5 Calming Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks

Large online library of downloadable resources

Kristina’s continued support for birth & beyond

Access to private WhatsApp group & The Birth Base Facebook support group

Goody bag

BONUS access to...

Pre recorded Postnatal Courses on Introduction to Breastfeeding, Yoga, Baby Massage, Baby Wearing & Starting Solids

The Birth Uprising's Hypnobirthing Digital Pack (Worth £45) at your leisure - a great way to refresh your memory on topics covered throughout Kristina's course, and a great way to catch up if you ever miss a session!  

Session 1  📚

Science behind Hypnobirthing

Fear Tension Pain Cycle

Mind Body Connection

Fear Release

How to build a positive mindset for birth

Techniques to calm your nervous system during labour  

Breathing exercises

Session 2 🤰🏼

How the uterus works 

Methods to assess labour progress

Hormones - your toolkit for birth

Where to birth your baby & environment

How to make informed decisions

Due Dates

How to prepare your birth partner to confidently advocate for you

Session 3👏🏻

Preparing your body for labour 

(Optimal fetal positioning, pelvic floor, perineal massage)

Physiology of childbirth (stages of labour & how to handle them)

Birth Positions

When to call the midwives

What to do if labour slows down

Comfort levels during labour

Understanding induction & how to have a positive experience should you accept one

Session 4 🕵️

Birth rights

Understanding risk & research

Packing your birth bag

Postnatal planning

What to expect from the Fourth trimester

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Nora's Story

Online Hypnobirthing Course

'I felt petrified about giving birth - it was literally a massive fear of mine! In trying to ease my panic, I came across Kristina’s page on Instagram which offered tons of advice in a friendly and empowering way! At this point, I knew nothing about hypnobirthing. I reached out to her and instantly, she calmed me and made me feel at ease. She also offered a plethora of very useful information!I was instantly drawn to taking her online course with my partner. Her course and constant/on-going support transformed my outlook on labour completely.Fast forward, thanks to Kristina, my worst fear became the most beautiful experience of my life. Even though I ended up having an emergency C-section, I was equipped to feel in control, calm and more importantly, happy with my decisions and the sudden change in circumstances. Kristina continues to be an incredible support during my journey and I’ll forever be grateful to her!I highly recommend taking her course and getting in touch with her! The birthing world is a better place thanks to her :)'