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Mother's Blessings

Have you ever heard of a mother’s blessing? It can be an alternative (or beautiful addition) to a baby shower, where instead of gifts for baby, the focus is on you. It’s an opportunity to bring together your closest friends & family, and invest in the time and energy to focus on your transformation to becoming a mother, or becoming a mother again. The idea is to gather as group and truly shower you with love and positive energy, boost your oxytocin in the lead up to your baby’s birth, as well as signifying and celebrating your village.

The Mother’s blessing will be personalised for you, and encompass only the elements you wish. This is a celebration of YOU!

How It Works

The Setting

Typically, you and your guests will create a circle, around a beautiful central table that can be filled with candles, flowers and any other objects you hold dear. 

The Ceremony

A ceremony will be curated for you to include readings that either celebrate  motherhood, make you happy, laugh or are meaningful to you. As your celebrant I will then guide you and your guests to enjoy some relaxation techniques, crafts/activities and create lovely memories.

To start, each guest will introduce themselves, their connection to you, their wishes for you in motherhood and light a candle. 

Group activities can then include: ; guided relaxation meditation; making of birth affirmations cards and postpartum promises to support you in motherhood;  rose petal foot bath; creating flower crown for mother to be; planting seeds; flower arranging; birth blessing bead line.

We usually close the activity part of the ceremony with the red thread ceremony.

Red Thread Ceremony

The red thread ceremony is where you and your guests are connected to one another with a long piece of thread tied around the wrist, words of wisdom are passed around the circle. The red thread symbolises power and the matriarchal line, recognising the strength of motherhood and sisterhood, and that this strength flows forward to our children and grandchildren we’re yet to meet. this powerful process honours you as you prepare to birth your baby. To end the thread ceremony, it’s then cut so each guest keeps the red thread on their wrist, so every time they see their bracelet they will send you positive loving thoughts, until your baby is born when the thread is then removed.  

We will then close the circle with a birth blessing reading and go on to share food and socialise. Each guest will be asked in advance to bring some nourishing or tasty food/drink to share. 


Prices start from £200, please get in touch with your requirements for a full quote. Price is dependant on your location and what activities you would like incorporate; what items you would like to source yourself or prefer me to provide,

All packages include as standard:

  • Microsoft Teams meeting to plan your birth blessing & order of events

  • 1.5 hour birth blessing ceremony (plus half hour to set up prior to your guests arrival, and half hour to clear down/help you tidy up)

  • Digital creation of PDF invitations & order of ceremony and guest instructions that you can send out to your guests in advance of your mothers blessing

  • Decorations for the central table (a small posy of flowers & foliage, central large mothers candle, tealight candle for each participant) and red thread

  • Craft material to make birth affirmations and postpartum promises

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