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Postpartum Debrief Support

Birth Exploration Sessions

Birth Exploration Session

£30 per hour (via Microsoft Teams or at my teaching venue in Northamptonshire


For existing clients only...

An hour of dedicated time to you, an informal session to help you process your birth experience with a kind and compassionate ear listening. 

As your birth coach I will hold a safe space to listen whilst you tell your own story. Our birth exploration session can help unpack your labour and birth, and also plan and prepare for any subsequent pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences you may have in the future.

Having someone listen and validate your birth from a neutral standpoint can help you on your way to making peace with your birth experience. I undertake these birth exploration sessions from a trauma informed perspective, having undertaken the Make Birth Better: The Birth Trauma Training Programme.

My own experience from my first birth during lockdown has led me to explore birth trauma. I understand the potential benefits first hand, as my own birth exploration session with a local doula helped provide me with closure & go on to achieve my VBAC. 

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