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35 Dinner ideas for Pregnancy & Postpartum

I recently said on my Instagram that the worst part of being a mum (or a mum to be) is having to figure out what to feed your family for dinner every, single, day of their lives, especially when our brains aren't firing on cylinders when those babies like to ensure we’re a little sleep deprived! Sooo as promised I have written a blog, with all of mine and my followers, suggestions of delicious, nourishing meal ideas for pregnancy & postpartum.

If you’re pregnant, I highly recommend batch cooking some of these and freezing is such good prep for your postpartum too. One of the best things for your recovery is to have easy access to warm, tasty, nourishing food. Your future self will be ever so grateful.

I hope this helps when you’re seeking inspiration - be sure to bookmark this post!

baby sat in highchair drinking cup of water, a clear plate is infront of him
Hopefully these suggestions will have clear plates all round!

Dinner suggestions…

Italian Ideas

Risotto ideas: sausage & tomato; chicken & leek; butternut squash & pancetta; seabass, chorizo & pepper; mushroom  & garlic;

Pasta ideas: bolognese; lasagna,  Mac n cheese (‘hulk’ Mac n cheese - add blizted spinach!); creamy lemon, prawn & pea; cajun chicken; feta & spinach; sausage, tomato & pepper

Can also use Orzo with any of the above for a change! Smoky cod, broccoli & orzo bake (bbc good food recipe)

Winter Warmers

Pies; creamy chicken & vegetable pie; gravy, chicken & veg pie); creamy chicken ham & leek; steak & ale

Toad in the hole

Sausage & mash

Fish pie

Cottage pie

Roast dinners

Pork chops

Different cuisines

Mexican: Fajitas; Enchiladas; Chicken or beef tacos


Slow cooker gammon in coke

Steamed sea bass with garlic, ginger & coriander leaves

Slow cooked bbq pulled chicken burgers

Honey & soy chicken fried rice

Tatws pum munud ( suggested by a lovely follower who

has a Welsh husband )

Sloppy joes (using leftover spaghetti bolognese)

Still not sure what to have for dinner? Check out Emily English @emthenutrionist, healthy & delicious too! I hope you found this blog post helpful!

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