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25 Ideas for an AMAZING Baby Shower Wishlist…

So you’re planning a baby shower! OR you’re looking for inspiration for what on earth present would be great for a new parent! Well, I’m here to help.

I think it’s fair to say that the most common baby shower gifts are… newborn clothes, and muslins. Handy, and essential, of course - but there really are so many more useful gifts you can buy a mum to be.

So, if you feel able to give people direction… here’s a list of my recommendations you may find useful! Hey…you could even send them a link to this list…

  1. A stretchy wrap - an essential for those postpartum days. Babies tend to LOVE being close to their mums, and baby wearing allows for longer naps and more freedom. A stretchy wrap - The gift of ‘hands free’. My fave present from my bestie was the Hana baby wrap - they are excellent.

  2. Reflexology voucher - Reflexology is one of the BEST treatments you can have during your pregnancy - this oxytocin inducing experience will leave you feeling SO relaxed & ready for labour. Having a couple of appointments booked ahead for the last few weeks of your pregnancy can be a game changer! BUT reflexology ain’t cheap - so a fabulous baby shower present.

  3. Massage voucher - pregnancy/postnatal massages are the bomb. Gifting something just for mum is so special.

  4. Mummy MOT voucher - postnatal care in the UK is pretty pants! So a Mummy MOT voucher (private postnatal physiotherapy) is such an awesome present for a new mum to make use of.

  5. Nappy cake! - the gift of nappies is fab (just check whether mum to be will be using cloth or disposables!) Plus getting a range of different sizes is good - there is definitely such a thing as ‘too many newborn nappies’

  6. Newborn photoshoot voucher - loads of my hypnobirthing clients suggested this one. I would say however, make sure that you’re sure it’s something mum to be would like and what her STYLE is - not everyone loves a baby in a basket photo (I prefer a more natural photography style for example so a baby in the basket shoot would be wasted on me!).

  7. Rockit - the rockit such a nifty little gadget to help baby sleep in their pushchair

  8. Groegg - room thermometer - very useful, however the Groegg does look angry in heatwaves…

  9. Term of baby sensory classes

  10. Term of baby swimming lessons

  11. Gift voucher for a newborn footprint/handprint pottery session

  12. Luxury loungewear/pyjama set for mum when leaving hospital (make sure to include a gift receipt)

  13. Slippers - a luxurious pair wouldn’t go amiss for postpartum (Ugg slippers are the bees knees if you want splurge) or a cheap fluffy hard soled pair would be FAB for hospital

  14. A lightweight dressing gown - again for hospital or postpartum (avoid light colours, instead think black, dark, or patterned) lightweight - cause, hospitals are hot!

  15. Thermos flask - no cold tea/coffee postpartum - heaven!

  16. Clothes 6months plus (with season) - because if you don’t clarify, people might not think. People LOVE to buy baby clothes - so ladies if you’re pregnant and reading this, don’t buy too many yourself!

  17. Food gift card/voucher - e.g deliveroo, Just Eat, Ubereats... or any other well known takeaway food voucher. Food is one of the greatest gifts you can give, especially for new weary eyed parents who cba to cook.

  18. The First Forty Days’ by Heng Ou - the first forty days is a gorgeous read for any mum to be’s doing some postnatal planning

  19. Black and white sensory cards for your newborn - double points for soft version for pushchair/car seats

  20. Car mirror - again a practical gift but SO useful and so often forgotten!

  21. Baby bath (& bath toys) - a practical gift. But a great one.

  22. Bath thermometer - practical but useful!

  23. Baby memory book - old school and thoughtful

  24. Children's book from each guest with a handwritten message in it to baby instead of a card…gorgeous way to build up baby’s book library

  25. Motivational Messages in a jar - okay so this could also double up as a baby shower activity, but having some motivational quotes or lovely positive messages to read on those days where baby won’t sleep, or there’s been a nappy explosion… can bring some real ray of sunshine to a new mums day!

Any great ones I've missed off? Let me know!

I share loads of awesome positive pregnancy & birth tips, tricks and info on my Instagram page @thebirthbase

I also run awesome online hypnobirthing masterclasses and local hypnobirthing classes in Northampton! Click the links to find out more :)

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