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Positive Birth Resources

Positive Birth Videos: List

Stunning Home Water Birth (Hands off approach)

Home Water Birth (Watch after Session 1)

Rainbow Baby Birth

Birth Partner Compilation

Client Bryony's Birth Story - (Labour ward, no birth pools)

Client Vicky's Home Birth

Client Steph's Birth Story (Labour ward, positive epidural)

Client Jenn's Positive Induction

Rachel's Birth Centre Birth

Birth Video Compilation

Water Birth (Short video see baby clearly emerge in the water)

Positive Induction (Syntocinon)

Positive Breech Homebirth Story

Home Birth After Caesarean (HBAC)

Chessie King Positive Caesarean

Caesarean Birther Catches Baby Clip

Gentle Caesarean Birth Video

Calm Caesarean Short Clip

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