Why you need to LOOK at your local labour ward!

Photo credit: Chelwest Birth Centre

Have you LOOKED at your local labour ward or birth centre? Even if you’re planning a home birth I recommend ALL my hypnobirthing clients check out their local hospitals BEFORE they go into labour.

If we know what the space we’re going to have our babies in looks like, it can help us feel more familiar & comfortable and SAFE, therefore helping to avoid that fight or flight, all of which really helps the birthing process along!

It’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to visit in person, but most Trusts will have Facebook pages or images on their website or YouTube, (even some midwifery teams have instagram!) so have a little look what you can find and you can always ask your midwife!

Birthing at Northampton Gneral Hospital, Kettering General Hospital or Milton Keynes University Hospital? Hooray, you’re local and in luck!

Here are your direct links to your local hospital maternity tours…don’t say I don’t spoil ya!

Northampton General Hospital Maternity Tour

Kettering General Hospital Maternity Tour

Milton Keynes University Hospital Maternity Tour

Milton Keynes University Hospital Maternity Theatres Tour

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