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Pregnant & buying a breast pump? Hold your horses!... here's why

Are you pregnant & wondering what breast pump to buy? I know it's a minefield but...


Couple of reasons why…

  1. Bear in mind the minute you buy your breast pump, the warranty period starts to run down! So don’t buy too early on in pregnancy to ensure you’re covered…

  2. Unless you’re looking to exclusively pump, it’s generally advised that you hold off from expressing breastmilk until you’re at least 6 weeks postpartum - this allows you establish a steady milk supply & reduces the risk of mastitis. So you may want to wait until baby is born before you buy your breast pump!

  3. You may feel differently about breastfeeding when your baby has arrived! You may wish to exclusively breastfeed (so no need for a breast pump) or you may not want to breastfeed at all and use formula instead! So don’t part with your money too quickly on an expensive pump.

  4. Worried about not having a breast pump on standby when baby arrives if they can’t latch? Please don’t panic!! You can either hand express (your midwives can support you with this) or you can borrow a hospital breast pump. You always have options (plus next day delivery is THE ONE!). It’s also a great idea to try harvesting some colostrum from 37 weeks of pregnancy, so you have some in the freezer for your little babe if needed after birth.

  5. You can buy a silicone breast pump & let down catcher. These nifty little tools are cheap & have lots of functions, they can act as a manual breast pump, can catch the ‘let down’ milk from your other breast whilst you feed baby from the other, can relieve engorgement & also be used to remove clogged ducts! (I’ll do another blog post on how this works soon!) You can buy the Tommee Tippee one (Boots have an offer on now!), or a haka, aldi even do their own versions! I'll link some for you below!

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Let me know if you have any questions below!

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