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Making Mum Mates! Aka...The '3am club'

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Whether you find your mum club online, or in person, it’s good to have those friends you can text at any day or time who just, get it!

The Birth Base is so much more than just an antenatal & hypnobirthing course, you join a community of like minded parents, on my Facebook group, in your group course WhatsApp group & if you're in Northants, or surrounding areas, you can join my larger general Birth Base WhatsApp chat too! Giving you lots of opportunities to make lots of new friends.

Lots of people underestimate just how important it is to have mum mates. Sharing stories, advice, top tips, support is vital for pregnancy and navigating those early years.

In Northamptonshire, I host free regular mama meet ups. Nothing beats having a hot coffee & delicious brunch and the chance to make new connections with other new mums.

I host meet ups across all the best spots for mums & tots in Northants.

In the past we have had a weekend brunch at Zapato Lounge, coffee mornings at Delapre Abbey, cake dates at Whisk'd, and pancakes at Crepe Affaire.

I'm always open to local suggestions so if you have any ideas, please drop me a comment, of if you're a local biz and would like us to visit, let me know!

Sophie says 'The Birth Base meet up that I attended a while back was fabulous and just what I needed! I met with Kristina and some lovely Mumma's and their babes; alongside Mum's to be like me! It was so good to chat about motherhood and their positive birth experiences! An added bonus was meeting the little Birth Base babies, which for some women may be totally enriching as not everyone has had the opportunity necessarily to hold a baby - I definitely welcomed the cuddles! The meet ups are planned somewhere that will be comfortable all, in a cosy area with some privacy and also fantastic food! I can't wait to take my little one along to one when she is here 💓'

Emma says... 'I went to my first Birth Base meet up with the lovely Kristina a few weeks ago and really enjoyed myself. It was great meeting other mums/mums to be and talk all things pregnancy, birth and beyond whilst relaxing with a coffee and cake. Looking forward to going to more and taking little one along when she arrives 💕'

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