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Online Group Hypnobirthing Course includes...


Jam packed, fun & interactive live antenatal course for all births and all people with loads of added extras!


  • 5 Calming Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks

  • Large online library of downloadable resources

  • Kristina’s continued personalised support for birth & beyond

  • Access to private WhatsApp group & The Birth Base Facebook support group

  • Goody bag

BONUS access to...

  • Pre recorded Postnatal Courses on...

  • Introduction to Breastfeeding (by The Birth Uprising founders Alix & Jade)

  • Pregnant & Postnatal Yoga tips from Lizzie Edwards Yoga

  • An introduction to Slings (baby wearing) from Becky Sling Consultant

  • An Introduction from Sarah at Starting Solids

  • ​& Baby Massage

The Birth Uprising's Hypnobirthing Digital Pack (Worth £45) at your leisure - a great way to refresh your memory on topics covered throughout Kristina's course, and a great way to catch up if you ever miss a session!  

Session 1  📚

The Science behind Hypnobirthing - how & why it works

'Fear Tension Pain' - how to break this cycle

Mind Body Connection - work with your body for a positive birth 

Fear Release

How to build a Positive Mindset for birth

Techniques to calm your nervous system during labour  

Breathing exercises

Session 2 🤰🏼

How the uterus works 

Methods to assess labour progress

Hormones - your toolkit for birth

Where to birth your baby & environment

How to make informed decisions

Understanding Due Dates

How to prepare your birth partner to confidently advocate for you

Session 3👏🏻

Preparing your body for labour 

(Optimal fetal positioning, pelvic floor, perineal massage)

Physiology of childbirth (stages of labour & how to handle them)

Birth Positions

When to call the midwives

What to do if labour slows down

Pain relief during labour & how to maximise your comfort levels 

Understanding induction & how to have a positive experience should you accept one

Session 4 🕵️

Birth rights

Understanding risk & research

Packing your birth bag

Postnatal planning - supporting your emotional & physical recovery

What to expect from the Fourth trimester & how to make this a supportive transition for you, and your baby 

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